We are players who are passionate about the game. Some of us are pros, some are on their way, and some have just begun their journey.


Founding member, KomodoDragonJesus, has the longest running cash poker stream on We welcome new members to our Lets Go Pro twitch team and will help you launch your stream.


In collaboration with, we have active coaches in our community. In addition to providing training, we sometimes invite our more skillful members to join our coaching staff.

Have Fun

We run online “home games” once a month that everybody can play. In addition to a variety of tiny buy-in cash games, we offer a free tournament with some nice prizes. Enter your email below to get the details.

Get Better

Once you join (form below), you will get an email with instructions on how to join our Discord server. This chat room includes a strategy channel where you can post hands and discuss strategy with other players.


Our mission is to help each other along the path to fulfilling our poker dreams. In the near future, we’ll be sending out articles and guidance on how to become a professional poker player.
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